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Game Design

Game Design


1st official TAKI Application.  

Launched in 2003 for the ITV game channel.

2007 -  a multi-platform application with cellular and Nana website.

2009 - the 1st mobile version in Appstore & GooglePlay.


Games for Smartphones, web and ITV.  

Including the popular "ChampionsNick" app.

Developed for Nick Israel (2016-2018).

Puzzle & Action

Games for Smartphones, ITV and web.  

More than 200 games of all genres: matching items, finding items, thinking games, card games.

Branded Games

For movies, TV  and other commercial brands.

Working with local franchises to produce creative solutions for their brand.

Casino Games

Concept and game design for free casino based games  during the 2000's for HOT's "EGO Games" channel.

An advisor for Playtika's Slotomania app. 2018-2019

Pre School

Game portals and game design – for HOT: Nick & Hop! 

Creative solutions for games that develop both cognitive and motor skills. 


Educational Games for smartphones and tablets. 

"Goldilocks and the three bears" teaches English via casual games.


2nd screen Play along and offline apps.  

For Who wants to be a Millionaire, 1 Vs. 100, Raid the Cage, Slotomania and more.




1st & 2nd screen game for NICK – for Viacom Israel.

The app's questions relate to the interactive layer added on SpongeBob TV channel broadcast  increasing rating and loyalty.

HOT's Sportmaster

Games for smartphones, web and ITV.

Food Channel Recipes

For Ananey communications.

MTV Master

Trivia contest for Viacom – international distribution.

Interactive Story

With Agam publication.


Concepts & Solutions

Game portals management

ITV Game channels – HOT, yes.  

The key to successful game channel includes creating and maintaining attractive special events, reward systems, customer service and effective back-office tools.

triviamania slotomania.jpg
Multi platform solutions and consulting

Creative and content consulting for Playtika's most successful app: Slotomania

Creating appealing games and activities on a video through a unique interactive layer (Cellcom's Cookoos Nest FC game). 

2nd screen solutions

Enhancing TV Experience with apps – a mixture of time related activities and 24/7 minigames.

"The Greenhouse" yes+ Viacom Israel. 

News site game

Tailor made solution- Gov. budget  – Kan Digital.  

Budget articles become fun when you play Hi-Lo with the numbers.

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