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Escape Rooms

With Reality Games 2016: "The End of the World" in Nes Ziona. 

Esc Bus1280X720-10.jpg
Google Escape Bus

An escape bus made for Google Israel 2017. 

Treasure Hunts

Tel Aviv's Independence Day Treasure Hunt – 2017. 

מוח מסוכן.jpg
A dangerous mind

Trivia Section in Yedioth Aharonot's weekend edition "7 days" 

2018 - 

הסכת משחקי המוח.JPG
The Brain Games Podcast - Kan Podcasts

The Israeli Chaser reveals trade secrets, talks about tricks for improving memory and shares anecdotes about his quick answers.

With Kan Tarbut & Kan Kids Digital

Giluy Da'at - Galei Zahal radio show

Alongside Inbal Gasit and I, host a radio show dealing with a different subject matters, exploring the issue through its various connections, cultural representations etc.

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