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How to improve your general knowledge

Globes | Septmeber, 2023

An interview for Shlomot magazine

The Chase's 5th season is launched

Srugim | November19th, 2020

An interview for "Srugim" site

Most original toasts during Covid-19 lockdown

Mako | September 20th, 2020

Kaltura's employees competed from their homes in a live trivia game hosted by Itai Hermann.

למידה בעולם חדש ערב ערב כאן 11 מיכל רשף
Learning in the New World

Kan 11 | July 26th, 2020

Zahi Cohen and Itai Hermann in a headstart campaign to revolutionize the educational system.

The Chase and The Brain Trust win the Israeli TV academy awards

Kan 11 | April 30th, 2020

The Chase (HaMirdaf, Kan11) wins the best TV game show award, and The Brain Trust (Kan Kids) wins the best kids entertainment show.

here with you Corona.jpg
Anachnu Kan

Kan Kids 7 | April 19th, 2020

Special daily broadcast in Kan Kids with Itai Hermann for kids in lockdown during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Chase at home-1.jpg
Chasing to your home!

TimeOut | March 25th, 2020

It's Corona time!

The Chaser competes against families via video call.

Daily in Kan 11.

הסכת משחקי המוח.JPG
Hermann in a new podcast: "The Brain Games"

Kan Podcasts | Dec. 26th, 2020

The Israeli Chaser reveals trade secrets, talks about tricks for improving memory and shares anecdotes about his quick answers.

ruvik rosental.jpg
Itai Hermann to participate in Yedioth convention

Ynet | December 24th, 2019

"A good memory tip is to follow your passions and amplify them".

משחקי המוח עם מירב פלדמן.jpg
"Kan Kids is the place to be"

walla | December 23rd, 2019

"The Brain Games", a new TV game show created by Itai Hermann, and hosted by him and the excellent Meyrav Feldman.

המרוץ למקרא  איך גורמים לתנך להתחרות בפו
When Bible verses met "The Chaser"

Kan 11 /Channel 7 | Oct. 27th, 2019

Hermann and Cohen decided to make The Bible accessible via riddles, games and rewards.

The Chase - Avner.jpg
Avner Netanyahu in "HaMirdaf"

Maariv | October 23rd, 2019

Avner Netanyaju, the son of Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, in a rare TV appearance on Kan 11.

HaMirdaf's 4th season begins

Srugim | October 2nd, 2019

Celebrities que up to try and win The Chase, Kan 11's most successful game show.

the Chase - Politicians-1.jpg
Politicians in an elections' special of HaMirdaf 

Kan Digital | December 28, 2018

Members of the Knesset unite in an attempt to beat the Israeli Chaser.

רסקין מקדם ספר.JPG
How do you become "The man who knows all"

Keshet's morning news | June 26th, 2019

Watch Itai Hermann visit to Niv Raskin's studio, and hear all about his new trivia book.

צילום: אבישג שאר-ישוב
The Riddle Boy from Ramat-HaSharon

Makor Rishon | June 20th, 2019

The secrets of Hermann's vast general knowledge in a newspaper interview.

Can you handle The Chaser's Trivia

Israel HaYom | June  16th, 2019

A review of Hermann's new Book by Ruvik Rosenthal:

"Hermann shows phenomenal knowledge and a remarkable desire for victory...".

אולפן שישי.JPG.png
Inside the Chaser's brain

Keshet12'th Ulpan Shishi | June 14th, 2019

"The human brain is a miraculous thing, and Itai Hermann's brain is extremely miraculous."

What happened when Ido Solomon from Channel 12 news took The Chaser for a special brain test.

Lounge TAU Lecutre_edited.jpg
"The Chaser" is back in the University

Ma'ariv ("The Lounge") | May 7th, 2019

Itai Hermann lectures in the "TAU inspiring alumni" conference.

דה מרקר.jpg
Hermann is elected as one of The Marker's 15 mentors

The Marker ("Mentor") | April 14, 2019

"My target is to reach as many people as i can, so they can feel as comfortable as possible with the things they know".

"The Chaser" tests in a new Eurovision TV magazine

Kan Israel | April 10, 2019

A new live TV show every day at KAN 11 every day at 17:30 featuring Itai Hermann.

עם ליאור.jpeg
An interview to Li-Or Averbuch

Kan Digital | December 28, 2018

In the past 2 years Hermann became a symbol

of knowledgeableness. 

המרדף עונה 3.jpg
"The Chaser's return surpassed channel 10's rating

ICE | December 19th, 2018

"The Chase" returns to Season 3 with 6% rating.

El Al's riddle can get you free airline tickets!

Maariv  (lounge) | October 17, 2018

A unique cooperation with Itai Hermann.

Riddles will appear on Instagram and Facebook celebrating the 70th anniversary of Israel's national airline company.

Special Tour with Hermann in Tel Aviv's old graveyard

YNET | Spetember 13, 2018

A special creepy "Riddle Tour" with Itai Hermann will be held in "Tel Aviv's Pantheon" during Sukkoth.

"Hermann became an iconic TV figure...and most associated with knowledge since "MasterMind"

Mako | Spetember 08, 2018

Itai Hermann is on Mako's top 101 people you must get acquainted with this year.

Hermann on "The News company's influential people's convention"

Reshet | Spetember 03, 2018

Lucasz: "You gave me hope when a man with a broad general knowledge became a celebrity in Israel"

Mobile Room.jpg
"The Chaser" launches "Madness Company"

Maariv | December 19, 2017

"The Chaser" launches a movable escape room.

MARK LaBette2.jpg
"The Trivia Beast"

Yediot Ahronot | June 09, 2017

When Hermann met his role model: Mark Labette "The Beast" - The most successful chaser in the world.

Catching the Chaser: Itai Hermann talks

7 Days Interview | June 08, 2017

A profile article in Israel's most important newspaper Yediot's "7 Days" titled: The Man Who Knew Too Much. 

"The Chase" is on

Yediot Aharonot | May 19, 2017

"The Chase" is launched on Israel's new public TV channel. Itai Hermann "The Chaser": a "beast of knowledge",who in each episode bravely faces 4 very worthy competitors.

Nick UK launches SpongeBob play-along app

KIdscreen | February 03, 2017

The network is launching the SpongeMaster trivia app for iOS and Android, as kids' smartphone and tablet access continues to rise in the UK. Developed by Mars Interactive. 

Our 1st Escape Room goes straight to the top

Yediot Ahronot Maslul magazine | december 18, 2016

"End of the World" is included in Israel's "5 best escape room's" list, created by Israel's top escapers. 

Hot's SportMaster (with Mars Interactive)

Sport's Master campaign promo | May 30, 2016

Towards Euro 2016 games: HOT is launching SportMaster application that enriches soccer games experience for TV viewers.

The customers can receive information and statistics (including real time info) regarding soccer matches directly to the TV screen, by using their remote control. 

The application was developed by Mars Interactive.

לפיכך נתכנסנו.JPG-2.jpg
"Therefore, we gathered" - TLV Treasure  race is launched

Events in Tel-Aviv | May 05, 2016

A challenging  Treasure Race event for kids and families will occur in Rothchild Blvd. and its sorroundings to celebrate Israel's 68th independence day.

Visit the historic sites, solve riddles and take selfie photos near the actual sites.

Do me a faovr in Thailand.jpg
Thais are in love with Israeli TV: a 3rd season for "Do me a favor"

Ice Magazine | November 19, 2015

90 episodes in Thailand's channel 9's comic street game show created by Itai Hermann & Oded Kramner.

Dori Media Group distributes "300 Second Ride"

C21 | March 30, 2015

The format, produced in association with TV Format Fund and created by Ami Glam, Oded Kramer and Itai Hermann, was picked up by Zodiak Media-owned French production outfit ALP and Endemol Spain at Mipcom last year.

Zense Entertainment will produce "Do me a favor" in Thailand

TVA | April 10, 2014

A full season of the street game show is set to be broadcasted in Thailand.

The fun format was created by Itai Hermann and Oded Kramer, the Israeli game show creators who also co-developed Catch and Still Standing. It was jointly developed by Telefe and Armoza, and produced by Telefe in Argentina.

Catch studio.jpg
Oded Kramer: "A good format idea can be sold without  a broadcasting network

Globes | July 16, 2013

"Catch" already sold to 10 countries.

The format that won the 2012 Formagination competition was created by Itai Hermann & Oded Kramer.

Cable TV Games next move: Going Cellular

Globes | December 22, 2004

More than 30% of the cable TV customers play in the digital interactive game channels, which means that Israel has the highest rate of  TV remote control players in the world.

gogogold logo.jpg
The Casino arrives to Cable TV

YNET | September 04, 2002

GOGO GOLD: Your Casino in cable TV.

Casino Games channel is launched with a unique programming - it's a pay channel but you cannot win money or prizes in this fun casual games channel.

Cable and satellite companies launch "Wants to be a Millionaire" channel by Mars

Globes | August 05, 2003

A channel will be launched with a pay-per-day interactive game of "Who wants to be a Millionaire".

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