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Format Creator

Format Creator

Do me a Favor 1280X720.jpg
Do me a favor

Street Game Show.

i.o. Formats with Telefe Distributed by Armoza Formats.

Argentina: 20 eps. 2014

Thailand: 122eps -2014-today

Brazil: 22 eps - 2015-today

The Brain Trust

With United Studios of Israel

A quiz show hosted by Meyrav Feldman and Hermann. In the show Hermann mentors the young contestants, and teaches them tricks for learning and retaining information.

2019 Israeli TV Academy Award winner

Broadcaster: Kan 23 (30 eps.)

Catch 1280X720.jpg

Game Show - i.o. formats

Catch the word - Catch your opponent

2012 Formagination Award winner

Sold to 10 territories. Distributed by Amoza Formats.

Writing & Editing

Writing & Editing

Still Standing 1280X720.jpg
Still Standing

Game manager and question editor. 

Big Brother

The Big Brother

Creative for missions

Season 6

1 vs 100 1280X720.jpg
1 vs 100

Game manager and question editor. 


Game manager and question editor. 

Square Cash Cab.jpg
Cash Cab

Question editor and Writer

Square Jeopardy.jpg

Game manager and question editor. 

Wheel of Fortune

Game manager and question editor. 



Square The chase.jpg
The Chase - Kan 11

As "The Chaser" 2017 - ?

131 Episodes

3 times Winner of Israeli TV Academy award

Machon Davidson.jpg
"Seder BaSeger"

Informational video clip regarding lockdown during the Coronavirus pandemic, April 2020.

Davidson Institute, The Educational Arm of the Weitzman Institute.

here with you Corona.jpg
Anachnu Kan (We're Here) - Kan Kids

True of False quiz format engaging participants from their homes.

2020 - 22 episodes

Sheshtoos 1280X720.jpg
Sheshtus - Kids channel

As "The Judge" / "Space Agency" 1995-2005. 

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