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Live Events

The Riddle Boy from Neve Rasko

A lecture in which I share my personal voyage into the understanding of how I know things and what allows me to study effectively.

Using the narrative of my life, I describe how the human brain remembers, offering tools that allow anyone to improve their cognitive abilities, harness emotions for maximum focus and excel in decisive moments.

The lecture includes stories from behind (and in front!) the scenes of the TV game shows and includes interactive game show like activities with the audience!

"Online Mind Games" with Itai Hermann

Itai Hermann- from the TV studio to your personal screen!

An online event in which all participants compete against each other, answering multiple choice and open ended  questions, peaking with crowning of a new Trivia King!

Each event opens with the audience testing Hermann by using their own challenging questions, trying to find the one fact he doesn't know!

The Trivia King

A live multi participant trivia competition hosted by Itai Hermann.

The first stage contains a set of consecutive multiple-choice questions. Each member of the audience is given a remote control device, from which they choose the correct answer.

The participants with the highest score are invited on stage, to play in front of the audience.

They play different types of trivia questions until the final stage of the game where the Trivia King is crowned!

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